Interpreting dreams in psychotherapy

Outline of dream interpretation workshop

  1. A brief account of the experience and phenomenology of dreams in everyday life and in psychotherapy.
  2. A case for interpreting dreams in detail in sessions.
  3. The interpretation of a specimen dream: The approach of the dream interpretation will be a “modern” version of Freud’s theory – so contemporary Freudian in theory.
  4. During the interpretation of the dream the theory of the dream-work (condensation, displacement, secondary revision, and so on) will be laid bare, as well as the underlying conflict/s that the dream has disguised (repressed).
  5. Throughout the interpretation of the dream, the interaction of theory and practice will be emphasised, with a focus on how this might work in our everyday psychotherapeutic practice.

The cost of the workshop is R520 per attendee and is accredited for 4CPD points.

For more details download brochure here: Grahame Hayes workshop brochure