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Frau goes back to her roots




We're very sad to report that Frau Freudenschwester, our long-standing columnist and the remarkably resilient twin sister of Sigmund Freud, has gone walkabout. When she failed to submit her most recent column to New Therapist, we tried to make contact with her. But to no avail. 

Further investigations revealed that she reportedly left her plush penthouse apartment at the end of January, reportedly muttering to bystanders that she was going to "get to the bottom of things". Reports in early February told of her wandering the streets in Pribor, her birth town in the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic. 

Newspaper reports from the town recounted how a retired occupant of Schlossergasse 117 had discovered that an aggressive, disshevelled older woman had taken refuge under the floorboards of his house late one night. The authorities unearthed a woman of considerable age who was clutching a brochure for the forthcoming American Psychiatric Association annual meeting, featuring a picture of a guest speaker, former US President Bill Clinton. Witnesses said she was heard to be repeatedly muttering: "Er liebt mich, er liebt mich nicht". 

The last we heard, the venerable Frau was reportedly making good progress in an intensive treatment programme at a leading cognitive-behavioural research institute in Germany. If you miss her like we do, dip into the archives of her timeless writings here.

- John Soderlund, Publishing Editor

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