New Therapist 72

The Gordian Knot Edition












Gordian Knots

The importance of hopelessness in psychotherapy

Seasoned psychotherapist Terri Broll looks into the invaluable role of hopelessness in therapy.

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Therapy on demand:

Kleinian heavyweight Robert Waska examines the knotty business of how best to respond to the unconscious conflicts of entitled and demanding patients.



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New Therapist 70

The Work Edition












Work of heart:

Understanding the innards of the employee assistance industry


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Worked out:

On the chronic and pervasive trauma of corporate life


Working theories

Putting social research to work



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New Therapist 71

The Emotional Edition












The heart of the matter

Leslie Greenberg on emotionally focused therapy

An introduction to the work of Lesley Greenberg, the affable, Santa Claus-like big daddy of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). In this extensive interview, Greenberg speaks exclusively to New Therapist about his work, his misgivings about brand-name therapies and the reasons why engineers can also make great therapists. 

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The crying cure

The role of therapeutic crying in the healing process of therapy

Therapeutic crying might be something you think helps the therapy process along somewhat. By contrast, Jeffrey von Glahn believes it is the ONLY thing that really makes the difference in therapy. His article outlines how such a bold claim can be so compelling. 


Unpacking 'here-and-now'

Ever since the existentialists got precious about the present, "working in the moment" has been de rigueur for happening therapists. But do you really know what this here and now work is all about and what it promises. Duncan Cartwright outlines the theory and dynamics behind why the here-and-now can be one of your most powerful change agents with your clients

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