Current Edition

New Therapist 106

The Projected Edition


Projective identification and parent work

By Celia Conolly


Freely Associated

An interview with Christopher Bollas


Rethinking theory in psychological practice: An interview with Hank Stam

By Art Assoiants and Tom Strong



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szasz2a1"New Therapist promises a home for eclectic voices addressing the healing potential of dialogue. I recommend it."

- The late Thomas Szasz, leading social critic of the moral and scientific foundations of psychiatry.

hoffmansmall1"New Therapist, a critical intelligence-gathering operation for the thinking therapist, offers a lively view of outer edge theoretical concepts, innovative practices and interviews. I particularly like its international scope and edgy, postmodern tone. It has replaced the old Family Therapy Networker on my shelf"

- Lynn Hoffman, leading international family and postmodern therapy practitioner.

albertellishires1"I find that New Therapist fairly and inclusively covers the field of modern therapies and does a fine job in that respect."

- The late Albert Ellis

langssmall1"Throughout the world, therapists and other mental health professionals need a magazine that keeps up with the news in the field, offers timely articles from therapists with a wide range of backgrounds, and conveys the freshness and excitement if new developments in the field. New Therapist fulfils these needs and a lot more. It's a unique magazine and a great antidote for the sameness and boredom that therapists often experience in reading our all too repetitive literature and in working in a single mode with patients, whatever that mode may be."

- Robert Langs, author of 40 books on psychoanalysis

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